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SUN Insurance Agency and Marcia C. White | C0-Princiapl are appointed with Crump Life Insurance Services. 

Crump Life Insurance Services (part of Grump Group, Inc.) was formed by combining Crump Insurance Services, Inc. a wholesale property and casualty insurance broker, with the former BISYS Commercial Insurance, Life Insurance and Retirement Services businesses. Crump Group, Inc. is the largest wholesale insurance distibutor in the U.S. offering agents and brokers access to more than 100 carriers and an extensive portfolio of products for Life, annuities, long term care and disability insurance.

Our current carrier “authorized to offer”  list includes: Genworth Financial, Lincoln Financial and Prudential Financial Insurance Companies. We have the ability to submit insurance applications with these life insurance carriers and if needed, can obtain appointments with other Crump Affiliated Carriers to help you accomplish your life insurance goals suited to meet your needs.

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